Tattoo Inks

Tattoo Inks

While thinking of getting a tattoo, most just think of what image or shape they want their tattoo in but do not think of the ink to be used. You may not know this but the quality and appearance of your tattoo highly depends on what ink you use. It is first wise to understand the various options of inks you have and their characteristics before settling on a specific one. A professional tattoo artist could help you as their form of art dictates what ink to use and thus they have to have knowledge on the subject.

Technically, tattoo inks cannot be exactly referred to as inks. They are usually made up of pigments suspended in a carrier solution. Most people assume pigments to be vegetable dyes which are not always the case. Modern pigments are primarily metal salts and others are plastics as well vegetable dyes. The pigment is what gives a tattoo its color. The carrier solution serves the purpose of disinfecting the pigment suspension, keeping it evenly mixed and allow for easy application.

Tattoos inks are drawn into two groups. One group has the same base and different pigments while the other has different bases. The inks can be water or alcohol based depending on the artists’ preference. The group with the same bases makes mixing of colors easy while the other has the ability to give bolder and more pure’ colors.

It is quite difficult to establish the exact component in your tattoo ink. Nonetheless, for some reasons some people may care to know what is contained in the ink used on their tattoos. And because of this, manufacturers may provide a list of the ingredients used or give a warning of its side effects. 

For those that are really conscious about their health, they should ensure that the tattoo ink does not contain elements such as Lead, Cobalt, Nickel, Selenium, Arsenic, Beryllium or generally any toxic metals. This is because such metals contain a harmful chemical known as carcinogenic that could cause adverse effects on reproductive health. Animal rights activists and vegans may be against animal products in their ink and may therefore consider using Starbike inks. People that find themselves allergic to most beauty products will encounter problems getting a suitable ink. Luckily though, there are now companies that are dedicated to manufacturing hypo-allergenic inks.

Common colors of tattoo inks used are black, red, green and violet. The colors can be used together or singularly. Black is however the most common ink color used.