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Airbrush body art and Temporary Tattoo supplies for face and body painting compare others and you’ll never buy from anyone else again! TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS at the lowest possible prices






Introducing Airbrush body art supplies for face and body painting.


We have been in the airbrush face and body art business for over 24 years. Each day we challenge new frontiers with our advanced technologies in the field of Airbrush Makeup, Temporary Tattoo products and precision Airbrush Stencils.


In this shop you’ll find all the inks and equipment you’ll need to get started. Choose from our large selection of Airbrush Inks and Tanning through to Airbrush foundation.  We also offer all the equipment to go with it, at realistic prices to get that business of yours off the ground!


Airbrush Body art is all about innovation. We combine imagination with a passion to create innovative products. Our inks are far superior to most on the market and offer a wide range of colors in both airbrush and concentrate (for hand painting). We also offer special effects inks for that fancy dress party or Halloween


If you have a need to be challenged and do something with your artistic flair that’s out of the ordinary, then body art, and airbrushing in particular, could be for you! It’s fun whilst earning you money, and is a popular concept world wide with both young and old.  Why put something permanent on your body when you can change with your moods and with the fashion of the day??


Airbrush Bodyart gives you that option, whether for yourself or as a business opportunity.  You won’t find franchises or lock in deals here!  Minimum orders?  No way!!  What we offer is the chance to build as slowly, or as quickly, as you desire. We cater for every budget, and allow everyone to experience Airbrush bodyart, whether it’s for one time only, or to start a business.  We even show you how to do your first tattoos through either our “how to” pages or instructional DVD. The possibilities are endless!!!


We have sourced excellent products and prices and are able to pass the savings on to our customers. Compare our prices and see for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!!!


And while you’re here check out our stencil shop too.  There are over a thousand designs to choose from!

 Stephen Clark 



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