Airbrush Tattoo Inks

Airbrush Tattoo Inks

As the reputation of body art and airbrush tattoos increased across the globe, companies are scrambling to develop their ideal airbrush tattoo inks. Since the early 1990s, the prominence of airbrush tattoos has evolved into different brands and themes. First launched at theme events and parks, these forms of body tattooing became new and trendy mode of momentary body art. Creativity, appearance, and innovation provide artists with a comprehensive quantity of body art, which resembles a real tattoo. Unlike the permanent forms of tattoos, this form of tattooing use paint on the skin as opposed to injecting it under the skin.

They are also not dyes like the typical henna tattoos. Moreover, they are distinct from the ink like ballpoint marker art. Contrary to the common misconception, they are not the usual glitter tattoo, the glued tattoos. However, to get airbrush tattoo, an individual uses an extraordinary air gun, which applies diverse colors through some spectacular precision that permits the recipient remove the tattoo by washing. In the market, there are countless brands of airbrush tattoo inks, but an individual need comprehensive understanding to get the best beauty industry can offer.

The best tattoo ink meant for use temporarily should comprise the approved FDA ingredients. The ideal type is the Nazille inks. It is quite thick and alcohol based. Due to its ingredients, the ink needs 25-30 PSI to cover the body surface. Besides, it remains in solution form perfectly just as required. However, when using an individual need to shake it occasionally. Moreover, the permanence of airbrush tattoos made with Nazille is commendable. Its durability is ideal since it can remain for several days despite bathing or swimming in a chlorinated pool.


Airbrush tattoo entails diverse applications in the modern world. Fortunately, there are countless types of inks and paints, which facilitate their applications. However, the popular usage of airbrushes is art, clothing, and automobiles. This is because as there is existence airbrush tattoo at various events and parks hence, there is an airbrush place meant for clothing. Now, airbrushing has a plethora of applications on human skin. Airbrush tattoo inks entail significant usage for airbrush makeup application, fingernail art, and tans in beauty parlor. All of the above are diverse categories of ink, which go into airbrushes. For ultimate safety with these inks, it is imperative to use cosmetic level paint. Using paints meant of art creating in automobiles or decorating clothes can lead to toxicity and even severe allergic reactions.