Airbrush Stencils

Airbrush Tattoo Stencils

The use of airbrush tattoo stencils in creating temporary tattoos has become rather rampant in recent times. But what exactly are these? In order to understand the meaning of the whole phrase it is important to understand the meaning of each word. An airbrush is a small tool that operates on air and is used to spray things like ink, paint and dye. The airbrush contains compressed air which passes through a venturi resulting in reduced pressure. This reduced pressure creates a sucking force which pulls the paint from a reservoir within the airbrush which is at atmospheric pressure which is much lower. The result is air moving from the nozzle at very high pressure and hitting the surface very finely and accurately.

A tattoo is a body modification usually chosen to enhance beauty or for religious beliefs. It is made by inserting ink into the inner skin layers to change color. There are many designs and types of tattoos a person can choose from. They range from godly images like angels to plain word encryptions to the really gothic images. Whatever tattoo design a person settles on, it can be engraved anywhere on the body and it may be temporary or permanent as per preferences.  

A stencil is a template used in art to transfer patterns or shapes. They are made from thin material which could either be metal, plastic or wood. The patterns are usually cut out of the thin material and this is used to apply it onto an underlying surface. A dye or pigment introduced in the cut out parts leaves the pattern or design on the image in form of a drawing. This has made drawing perfect drawings so much easier even for those who know nothing about art.

Having known the individual meanings of the words, it is now so much easier to define what an airbrush tattoo stencil is. it is a cutout pattern that acts as a template for the making of a tattoo by use of airbrushes to introduce the dye under pressure. In the use of these stencils, the stencil is placed on the body area the desired tattoo needs to be in and held firmly. An airbrush is then used to spray ink through the cut parts into the skin which is only exposed in the parts covered by the cut out. After this the stencil is removed and what remains is a beautiful tattoo design. Using this method to apply temporary tattoos has proven to be much faster and it has made DIY tattooing much easier than ever before.