Airbrush Body Art - Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have magnetized the fashion world with their sparkling designs, patterns, types and cost-effectiveness. Right from models in ramps to fashion savvy ladies on streets, temporary body arts have made their marks. Among others, Airbrush Body Art - temporary tattoos have become hot favorite of fashion divas because these flatter their cheeky avatar. If you wanna show off your sassy style, you should know A to Z of airbrush body arts.  

What are Airbrush Body Art?

An airbrush tattoo is a type of temporary body art which is created with stencils, FDA approved body paints and an atomizer. The stencil from the chosen design is placed on the skin. The atomizer releases the paints via special applicator. This blows a thin layer of paint on the stencil and body. The stencil is then removed, the design sticks to the skin.

Different graphics, pattern and style can be obtained; they can be simple as well as complex. It depends on number of stencils and colors used to create the tattoo. Professional body art makers make stencils from original designs. If you want to do it at home, there are several brands available in the market who sells readymade stencils. More info here

How They are Applied?

Step 1: Pick up a stencil and select the area on the skin where you are going to put it. Clean that portion of the skin with Isopropyl alcohol (70%). It is readily available in chemist shops.  

Step 2: Shake or stir the pain well before using. Depending on the airbrush to be used, pour the requisite amount in a bottom – feed bottle or top – feed airbrush container. 

Step 3: If you are using readymade self- adhesive stencils, you just have to peel off the back paper and place it straight on skin. 

If you are using mylar stencil, lightly wet out the back of the stencil and let it dry for 10 to 15 seconds. Place it onto the skin. See some designs at eyelash-extensions.melbourne.

Tip: The stencil tac will stick to the skin if it gets too damp. In such instance, remove the tac very carefully with a q –tip dipped in alcohol. 

Step 4: Keep the airbrush approx. 3 to 4 inches away from the skin. Spray the paints lightly over the skin through stencil. Apply as many coats necessary to get the desired color concentration. 

Tip: Do not spray too heavily or too close onto the skin because this will ruin the design by color bleeding. 

Step 5: Use solid or mixed colors to achieve your custom design. If you want an outline, slightly spray a dark color around the borders of the stencil. 

Step 6: Clean your brush properly in between switching colors. After finishing the tattoo use alcohol; airbrush cleaner and paper towel. Gently pat it, never wipe it. Apply some baby power on it to get the matt look and to dry it quickly. 

What They are Good For?

A custom made temporary tattoo is stuffed with goodness. You can experiment, get glittering effects, wipe it instantly, apply anywhere on the body anytime and create a new one according to every occasion or party. These Airbrush Body Art - Temporary Tattoos speak more than costly jewelleries. You can apply gems and sparkles to get extra dazzling effect. A beautifully designed custom airbrush body art will certainly catch everyone’s fancy amidst a social gathering or hippie party.  

Difference between Them and Real Tattoos

Airbrush tattoos are by far the most realistic looking body arts which can be applied and removed within minutes. Unlike permanent tattoos, like the ones done by our frineds Vintage Body Art who are a tattoo parlour Melbourne, you do not have to bear hours of pain and burn hole in your pocket to make a single skin art. Moreover, permanent tattoos come with severe side effects and skin infections because the needles used are not always hygienic. Once a permanent body art is done, it cannot be undone. Other temporary tattoos are messy and difficult to apply as compared to airbrush skin tattoo.

Are Airbursh Temporary Tattoos Safe?

In nutshell, they are safe, quick and easy to apply on any part of your skin. Make sure you are using FDA approved colors and not the ones which are used on clothes. 

Make sure your only use inks and equipment approved by the FDA in the US and the TGA in Australia!!

How to Take Care of Airbrush Body Art - Temporary Tattoos?

Most of the airbrush tattoos are waterproof which can be removed quickly by rubbing baby oil or alcohol. It can last from 2 to 5 days based on the skin type of the user. If you have a dry skin, you are lucky! Re-powdering or re-glittering might be required after you shower, swim or precipitate.